Aviators is a wrestling club created to be goal-oriented for educating wrestlers and providing an approach that enables wrestlers to be proficient in all three styles of wrestling on a year-round basis. Top-notch instruction is given to wrestlers who are willing to work on improving in all aspects of wrestling.


We offer a training program for Freestyle, Greco, and Folkstyle wrestling throughout the year. Experience the value of team work by participating in our dual team where each wrestler contributes to the team.


We improve your wrestling ability while also teaching the importance of life skills such as leadership, commitment, focus, sportsmanship, and team work. Learn a proven foundation of technique with a competitive mental poise to reach success at any level.

“When he first decided to get better at wrestling which is when he chose to come work with you he started doing that four years ago. The work ethic you guys have helped to develop is unbelievable. Really thank you for assisting us in raising a good child so far.”

~ Tim Jens

“If anyone is looking for an intense and technical wrestling club I highly recommend Aviators wrestling club. These two among the other coaches they bring in exceeded my every expectations. Champions in the making at this facility for positive. Aviators for life.”

~ Jesse Foster

“Today was a mix of all the above at Aviators!!!! The managerial of different things going on at Aviators was incredible… all the way from elementary school age wrestlers to high school and college wrestlers to pro MMA fighters all training to be the best…. many working on their freestyle and Greco… a group working live takedown shark bait (winners stays till beaten) …. even a young man who is a month long resident camper getting after freestyle/Greco and some serious conditioning….to a group working MMA sparring and and live positional work…. it was something to see….”

~ Chris Gennrich

“If you are looking for the best place for your student athlete to get the most well rounded young people look no further than the great coaching staff at Aviators Wrestling Club. They have transformed my athlete with a wonderful personal touch that makes him not only a better athlete but also a more well rounded person. Thank you for all you do for our young athletes. “

~ Paul Hilbert